On job

Grow and develop
Through training

At I. J. McGill Transport, we strongly believe that every employee should have the opportunity to progress and develop through training. We recognise that enhancing key skills and expanding knowledge is one of the most essential incentives for employees. It has a direct impact on the productivity and growth of our company, enhancing the service we provide to our customers.

In our induction training, we provide new employees with the necessary information about how we operate, our mission and vision. Before beginning work, all newly-hired Drivers must complete a training programme that includes both theory and practise our training encompasses health and safety, secure work systems, daily routines, driver evaluation, and communication skills.

Existing employees receive training to update and expand their knowledge.

When our technology is updated or altered, our employees are trained on how to use the new equipment and methods of work to ensure a seamless transition.
When there are opportunities for promotion and career advancement, progress training is provided.

Our drivers benefit from periodic in-house training from a JAUPT-approved training company and our own training academy. It aims to enhance and expand existing knowledge and abilities of our drivers to ensure their continued safety. It includes courses on the working time directive, daily vehicle inspections, tachograph regulations, fuel-efficiency and environmental impact and safe driving.

Through skills

  • We move anything from a single pallet through to a full load, overnight and economy, delivering next working day or in line with our customers’ requirements
  • Within our induction training we familiarise new employees with the necessary knowledge about how we work, our mission and visions, health and safety and procedures
  • Existing employees are trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge
  • When our technology is updated or amended, our employees are trained in the use of new equipment and work methods to ensure a completely seamless changeover
  • When there are promotion and career growth opportunities, process training is given to new managers so that they are fully prepared and skilled to manage the greater responsibility, as well as gaining the necessary techniques to motivate their team of people successfully

Specific training for Drivers

Any newly appointed Drivers undertake specific induction training which covers both theory and practical modules before starting work. Training includes health and safety, safe systems of work, daily routines, driver assessment and communication skills.

In-house periodic training is also provided to our drivers by an approved JAUPT training company and our very own training academy. It is designed to improve and expand on the existing knowledge and skills of our drivers to ensure that they continue to be safe. It includes courses such as working time directive, daily vehicle checks, tachograph regulations and safe and fuel-efficient driving.