Sustainability Commitment

We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and embracing green initiatives that promote renewable energy and sustainable operations

Renewable Energy

Our company is dedicated to advancing renewable energy with our inventive solar panels and hydroelectric scheme, aiming to achieve self- sufficiency through the power of the sun and water by 2025.

Renewable Energy by 2025
Recycling Policy To Minimise Environmental Impact and Landfill Sites

Recycling Policy

The company strives to minimize the impact on the environment and landfill sites. It utilizes a pallet burner to generate renewable energy for its workshop and implements recycling initiatives throughout the company.

Efficient driving

Our company is implementing measures to minimize its carbon footprint. These initiatives include dynamic planning, fleet technology to enhance MPG’s, minimize emissions, monitor vehicle fill, and promote eco- friendly driving practices.

Efficient Driving To Minimise Carbon Footprint

Recognising environmental considerations within our business

I.J. McGill Transport recognises environmental considerations as one of its business risks. This is accounted for in the business management process, which reviews risks arising from the business and implements appropriate measures to minimise them.

The directors of I. J. McGill Transport have overall responsibility for this environmental policy which applies across the whole of the business. While the Directors have the operational governance, all the employees have a responsibility to support its implementation. Within this framework, I.J. McGill Transport requires each operating location to adopt and comply with an environmental policy appropriate to its particular activity.

We’re proud of our environmental achievements, and will continue to strive to make further improvements wherever we can.