About I.J. McGill

Ian McGill became an owner/driver in 1979, and over the past 39 years, he has built the business up to the UK-wide success it is today, whilst servicing a valued customer base in Bristol where it all started. Expanding slowly over this time has allowed systems to keep pace and the business to retain clients, and although Ian himself is beginning to take a step back, the business continues to flourish and grow.

The task of driving this established business forward has now been handed to Managing Director, Lee Parker who is ably supported by Ian’s three daughters who are Directors, plus a loyal workforce of over 300 employees across 5 depots. With such an experienced team of staff, the future looks bright for I.J. McGill Transport.  We continue to grow into a major organisation, whilst staying true to our values, and providing the quality service all our customers up and down the country have come to expect.

We have always believed that commercial success is directly linked to providing great customer service. In line with that ethos, I.J. McGill Transport is a people’s company; our investment in best practice is the foundation of our approach to company responsibility – we really do go the extra mile (no pun intended!).

With a client base throughout the UK, our main services now consist of Regional Distribution, UK Pallet Distribution, Warehousing and a Contracts Service as well as handling cargo for freight forwarding companies.  We now have a fleet of 150 vehicles and more than three hundred employees, all sharing the work ethics and values of their founder.

One major aspect of the company that has changed over the years is the technology we use and the advantages it has for a business such as ours. When Ian first started out, there certainly wasn’t real time reporting or instant online access to your account. However, as technology drastically started changing, Ian and his team realised the effect it could have on the business. We embraced these changes and have worked hard to ensure we stay at the top of our game. Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in technology and now have robust vehicle and consignment tracking and a booking system that’s user friendly and easy for any new customer to adopt. We will continue to reinvest in ‘best of breed’ technology and are determined to provide more regional coverage through expansion.

Being a responsible business is very important to us and we’re proud to say that all of our people act with courtesy and integrity. These principles support the environmental policy, our involvement with local communities and the approach to responsible purchasing.

So now with our focus firmly set on the future, we’re ensuring that our business is in a great position to grow even stronger. To deal with the increasing needs of the business, both in terms of clients and the geographical areas covered.

Our locations:

Bristol – Tavistock – Manchester – High Wycombe – Birmingham

Company History


2015 - High Wycombe depot purchased with similar facilities to I.J.McGill’s depot in Bristol expanding the company’s coverage to the South East. Opening May 2015.

2014 - 64,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse opens in Avonmouth to assist with both the Bristol & Chepstow storage facilities.

2014 - Manchester depot expands into a larger premises to facilitate organic growth.

2013 - Lee Parker appointed as Managing Director. Lucy Dowling, Heather Brown & Kelly Pope appointed as Directors.

2011 - With facilities similar to Bristol, the Manchester Depot was opened enabling us to provide coverage on our own fleet of vehicles in the North West.

2010 - IJM occupies 124,000 sq. ft. Warehouse in Chepstow to facilitate storage growth.

2007 - To improve customer and control IJM opened the doors to its first satellite depot located in Tavistock, Devon.

2005 - Lee Parker appointed Director.

2005 - IJM became shareholders of the leading Pallet network - Fortec. Fortec effectively revolutionised the market for palletised distribution.

2005 - IJM moved to a secure 5 acre site in Keynsham. 64,000 sq.ft. fully racked and controlled by a warehouse management system. A further 700 barcoded locations for our transient logistical operation, under cover loading area & cross dock facilities.

1996 - IJM moved to larger premises expanding the fleet and storage capability providing potential growth & further opportunities.

1979 - IJM was first established by Ian McGill, he started the business running one vehicle for international work throughout Holland, France & Belgium.

“I want the McGill Transport name to be synonymous with efficiency, security and reliability –this mantra is at the heart of all we do”.          Ian McGill

Investment in Technology

Like most other industries, the advances in technology within the Logistics and Transport arena have been vast over the past few years, revolutionising the way our business works on a day-to-day basis.

With the right investment of time, money and training, it became clear that utilising this technology could greatly improve overall business efficiency and customer service, whilst eliminating the need for endless mounds of paperwork.

I.J. McGill Transport was quick to embrace these changes, investing heavily in technology to produce a tailor-made solution for the different aspects of our business.

To see the effect that Investment in Technology has on Regional Distribution, click here.

Green Credentials

We like to think we go the extra mile when it comes to caring for the environment.

I.J. McGill Transport recognises that its business sectors have environmental impacts, both in terms of the services provided and through the activities of suppliers and contractors. One of the main key impacts is energy use and the emissions associated with it.

In a number of areas we have direct control of our impacts. In others, they are controlled by our clients and suppliers. In this instance, our approach is to work with them to understand and progressively minimise the environmental impact of services provided and purchased.

Minimising environmental impact and maximising efficiency is at the core of our strategy. By working together with clients, suppliers and employees to create new value in the supply chain, we help to minimise the impact of world trade on the environment.

To achieve these aims, I.J. McGill Transport is committed to the principle of sustainable development and in particular:

  • Meeting and, where appropriate, exceeding, all applicable statutory requirements
  • Measuring, managing and reporting key aspects of environmental performance
  • Working to continuously improve environmental performance, using appropriate objectives and targets
  • Integrating environmental performance into its business processes
  • Taking environmental considerations into account in investment decisions
  • Ensuring employees are aware of I.J. McGill Transport’s commitment to the environment and their responsibilities for ensuring these policies are implemented
  • Working with suppliers and contractors to include environmental considerations in the procurement processes
  • Using alternatives to scarce and non-renewable resources and giving them priority whenever economically viable
  • Using effective monitoring and audit processes around established measures and environmental management systems to ensure compliance and continued development
  • Supporting, protecting and promoting biodiversity where we can
  • Consulting and involving relevant interested parties, including the wider community.

I.J. McGill Transport recognises environmental considerations as one of its business risks. This is accounted for in the business management process, which reviews risks arising from the business and implements appropriate measures to minimise them.

The directors of I. J. McGill Transport have overall responsibility for this environmental policy which applies across the whole of the business. While the Directors have the operational governance, all the employees have a responsibility to support its implementation. Within this framework, I.J. McGill Transport requires each operating location to adopt and comply with an environmental policy appropriate to its particular activity.

We’re proud of our environmental achievements, and will continue to strive to make further improvements wherever we can.