Step by Step Guide

  1. Click Client Log in at the top right hand corner
  2. Click Continue
  3. Enter user name:
  4. Enter Password:
  5. From here you are in your account and you can view historical job information, pods, jobs in progress and unallocated jobs (You can change unallocated job information up until it drops into the progress box)
  6. For entering a new job, click onto New Booking.
  7. You have 2 reference numbers that you can enter, these can be your reference and your customers PO number, and these will show on our invoice.
  8. Tick your service level that you require i.e. Next day service or economy
  9. The delivery date will automatically change, but just check the collection & delivery dates are the dates you require.
  10. You can also change the time for collection or delivery and will need to be reconfirmed in the special instructions.
  11. For a standard pallet just enter the details i.e. 1: 1/4, ½ or full pallet.
  12. For oversized pallets enter your details in Oversized
  13. Type in the weight of the pallets
  14. Enter the collection address details, your address will be automatically be stored but if you require a collection from a different address you will only have to type this once and then it will be stored for future reference in the ‘ look up’ tab.
  15. Enter the delivery details, again any historical addresses can be found in the’ look up’ tab.
  16. Tick the Must book and enter a telephone number if you require your goods to be booked in.
  17. Enter any Special instructions i.e. AM delivery, tail lift delivery etc.
  18. Enter any additional notes. i.e. restricted parking etc.
  19. Click Save and it will give you a price for this job.

If in any doubt you can contact us using the details found here.

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