Update to HGV regulations for foreign operators

Following on from our previous report on the new HGV regulations for foreign operators, early announcements from Transport Minister Robert Goodwill has said

“that more than 92,000 levies have been purchased for trucks registered in 56 different countries since the charge came into force on April 1st 2014”

Reported by TRL

“Foreign operators must pay the levy before using UK roads, with charges varying between £1.70 and £10 per day or £85 to £1,000 per year. Before the levy was introduced it was possible for foreign hauliers to fill up their tanks abroad, make their deliveries in the UK and return home without making a UK tax contribution.

Initial figures indicate that compliance with the new rules and regulations is high, as just 215 vehicle owners have been fined for failing to pay”

Of further interest, TRL also reported “ government is also investing £3.3 billion in major road schemes which will provide over 500 miles of additional lane capacity to the strategic road network. A further £10.7 billion will be invested in the motorway network to add at least 400 miles of capacity on the busiest routes.

Source: http://www.trl.co.uk/trl-news-hub/transport-news/latest-transport-news/foreign-hgv-operators-complying-with-new-uk-road-levy_801713089.htm