Shipping and Logistics Appointments News Start with a Sad Departure

Sad news to start the appointments and departures in the shipping and logistics sectors this week as CakeBoxx, manufacturers of the uniquely secure deck and lid, two part, door-less shipping containers, has announced the death of Garry Whyte, the company’s founder and the visionary behind the ground breaking flagship product. In eulogising his friend, Daine Eisold, CEO of CakeBoxx said:

“Garry was a patriot, a veteran, an optimist and so much more. He had a mountainous intellect and was marvellously curious, with a unique perspective of how things worked, or should work, that most can never know.

“Truly visionary and pragmatic, Garry envisioned the CakeBoxx concept after years of practical engineering and problem-solving experience, somehow seeded by early memories of waterfront activities on the docks in Portland, Oregon. Garry and I built the first CakeBoxx container together. Every day I spent with Garry was like a day in advanced problem-solving class, where I became accustomed to asking myself ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

“It is surely not possible for there to be a kinder, more considerate nor more admirable man than Garry Whyte. Godspeed, my friend.”