Contract Services

When you have your own business, the logistics side can be a real headache.  It can be tricky to meet customer demand whilst managing costs and guaranteeing service levels, especially as supply chains become ever more complex.

We can make life easy for you with our flexible contract packages which are tailored to suit your needs – whatever business you are in. For one fixed cost, you can let us coordinate all your logistics, removing the burden of operator’s licenses and staffing as well as supplying a modern and efficient fleet.

At the outset, we’ll work with you to understand your business and the markets you operate in and then build a contract infrastructure around the way you work, rather than how we work. We can even brand our vehicles and driver uniforms to ensure it’s your business that gets noticed.
Of course, we’ll make sure you are in control at every stage. Our sophisticated IT platform means that we can share information with you constantly and give you real time updates via our PDA units.

If you would like to explore your options, seek advice or take full advantage of our expertise then please contact us on 0117 9861777 and we will book a consultation at a time to suit you.

For more information on how I.J. McGill Transport can enhance your business through Contract Services, however large or small, contact us now.

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