New Scrap Metal Regulations For Haulage Firms

A new Act means a change in regulations for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) operators in the metal recycling and motor salvage industry. The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act came into force at the beginning of October and means that scrap metal dealers in England and Wales must now apply for a licence to trade from their local authority. The local authority has the power to suspend or revoke the license if regulations are breached. The HGV operators wishing to carry scrap metal must also apply to the local traffic commissioner for a licence and will be required to produce evidence relating to purchases.

The police and local authority officers will be able to inspect licensed dealers and public registers will be maintained by the Environment Agency and National Resources Wales.

East of England Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt has warned HGV operators about the importance of record keeping “Traffic commissioners expect HGV licence holders to comply with all of the necessary requirements, whatever line of business they choose to operate in. Failure to pay attention to basic administration can have serious consequences…”


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