AI Planning Aboard Merchant Shipping as RoRo Cruise Ferry Acts as Initial Pilot Test Vessel

Stena Line has been working with engineering and technology group Hitachi to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to predict the most fuel efficient route for a vessel under any circumstances. The RoRo cruise ferry MS Stena Scandinavica is testing the system under the watchful eye of Senior Master Jan Sjöström who has been working with fuel optimisation at Stena Line for the last 40 years. He commented:

“Since we are helping the AI to evolve, we might be assisting the AI more at the moment, but it is a very exciting and rewarding process. We’ve been making adjustments to the model after each trip for about four weeks and it is amazing to see how quickly it is learning.

“Planning a trip and handling a vessel in a safe and, at the same time, fuel efficient way is craftsmanship. Practice makes perfect, but when assisted by AI a new captain or officer could learn how to fuel optimise quicker. In return, this contributes to a more sustainable journey.”